Local regulations

Local regulations are governed under SCDF’s Singapore Standard 532 (SS532:2016) and NEA’s Code of practice for Pollution control (SS593: 2016). Please visit www.spring.gov.sg for the complete documents.
SCDF regulations state the exemption quantity for diesel storage at site that does not require a storage licence is not more than 1,500 litres. This is on condition that only diesel and no other petroleum/flammable materials are being stored.
Please apply via the SCDF official website - Fire Safety Licensing and Enforcement > Petroleum and Flammable Materials - Storage.
Yes, we can provide assistance in the application process via a licensed Professional Engineer. Please contact us for more details.
Yes. The FSC must be submitted for the application. The FSC is issued by Certification Branch of Central Enforcement Department (CED).
- Design calculations on structural integrity of the tank. - Hydrostatic and radiographic tests on the tank or any equivalent test reports. All these tests are already conducted on our tanks and the certifications will be shared for application process.

Tank Features & Design

Yes, the TransCube Tanks can be stacked 4 high (when empty) and 3 high (when full).
The inner tank of the TransCube is removal, allowing for easy maintenance.
In 110% bunded tanks, the outer layer is designed to hold 110% of the contents of the inner tank. So, if there is a leak or a breach of the inner tank, the outer layer has the capacity to fully contain it.
The external tank is coated with C3 Marine grade paint, suitable for outdoor use.