Gas & Oill

FPSO & SPM Mooring System

Western global

Sanmar Chain International (SCI)


Sanmar Chain International Pte Ltd (SCI) specialises in the supply of high
quality chain, accessories and services for offshare projects. SCI supplies stud link and studless mooring chains in all offshore grades: R3,R3s, R4,R4s,R5 and API ORQ, compliment by high integrity LTM D shackles and offshore connectors, enabling SCI to provide a completely integrated mooring system for CALM buoys, FPSOs,MODUs and other offshare applications.
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Offspring International Ltd (OIL)

United Kingdom

Offspring International (OIL) specialises in equipment for mooring, offloading and control systems to optimise terminal operations both offshore and quayside.

OIL offer a fully integrated supply of equipment for SPM and CBM moorings, hoses, breakaway couplings, PLEM control, together with a comprehensive terminal monitoring and management system. Using experience and expertise gained over 25 years, OIL is able to support other mooring applications including renewable energy, navigational buoys, aquaculture facilities etc.
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Pipe, Tubing & Pipe Coating

Ratnamani Metals & Tubes.


Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited are one of India's largest manufacturers of Stainless Steel Seamless / Welded Tubes & Pipes, Titanium Welded Tubes, Carbon Steel Welded Pipes with 3 Layer Coating facilities.Started in 1985, today Ratnamani has a work force of approximate 2000 employees across its 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Indrad, Chhatral and Kutch in the State of Gujarat India. Ratnamani is a public Limited company with an annual turnover of around USD 240 Million.
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Selmers B.V

The Netherlands

Selmers, located in The Netherlands, is a well-known supplier of plants and equipment for internal and external pipe cleaning, pipe coating and pipe handling.
With more than 45 years of experience, Selmers is an internationally leading supplier working for the pipe manufacturing, pipe coating and the onshore S. offshore pipeline construction industry.

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